The Chain Bridge in Udapest is one of the most important symbols of the city. Until it was built in 1849, the two sides of Budapest could meet each other only when winter came and the river froze. 🙂 In the spring, he managed the situation with floating bridges. There are many bridges connecting the Buda and Pest sides right now, but none of them is a Chain Bridge in terms of beauty or culture. 🙂 The Hungarian name of the bridge is Lánchíd, in English it is Chain Bridge. The first fixed bridge connecting the Buda and Pest sides and one of the engineering marvels of its time. From the Middle Ages until 1849, there was a pontoon bridge connecting Buda and Pest on the Danube and was built only between spring and autumn. There was no need for a bridge as the river froze in winter. But there were times when the weather suddenly changed and the ice on the river melted. In such cases, people would be stuck in their own lashes. In 1820, when Count István Széchenyi had to wait a week to go to